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Game Description

One of the most popular and fun online games is the game of Bubble Shooter, an addictive, and sometimes frustrating game, that always has you returning for "just one more try."

Bubble Shooter is defined as a puzzle/shooter computer game originally developed for Microsoft Windows by Absolutist Games in 2000. A clone of Puzzle Bobble, it combines the features of puzzle, shooter, strategy and action games. Since 2000 the game has been updated and ported to many different computer platforms. The general concept of the Bubble Shooter game is to make combinations of 3 or more or the same colored bubbles disappear, or pop, by shooting them.

How do you play the game Bubble Shooter?

The more of the same color bubbles you can shoot in the one go greatly increases your score. Most Bubble shooter games do not have a time limit, but every so often, especially when you fail to pop a combination of bubbles, the rows of bubbles will drop down a level - and at higher levels in the game they may drop several rows at once. The object of the game is to clear all the colored bubbles, or balls, from the screen.

  • In order to better your score in different games you may find you will need to try not to pop all the bubbles too quickly. Easier said than done as once you have managed to clear a particular color bubble the rows of bubbles will drop down the screen several rows instead of a single row.
  • You need to be careful that for each shot you try not to miss popping any bubbles. Always check which color bubble you will be shooting next so you can plan ahead.
  • You can isolate a group of bubbles from the main group by shooting out bubbles above it.
  • In hard to reach shots you can bounce bubbles off the walls to get into those tight places.
  • Keep an eye on the silver colored bubbles at the bottom of the screen. There are 5 to start with and each time you fail to burst a bubble you will lose one. When all 5 are gone all the bubbles will drop a level.


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