Raging Gardens

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Game Description

It's a lovely day at farmers field. A great time for a hungry (ninja) rabbit to sneak in and pull some carrots to eat. Too bad you weren't the only one with that idea. A horde of hungry opponents approaches fast! Pull as many carrots as you can in 3 minutes. To fight your opponents, you must use ancient rabbitjutsu tactics. These are slightly unorthodox. Simply uhm ... fart to push your opponents away or use a Carrot-on-a-Fork totem decoy to deceive them.

How do you play the game Raging Gardens?

Collect as many carrots as possible in 3 minutes. Use the controls to move and repel opponents.

  • Arrow keys - Move your ninja rabbit on the map.
  • Z (or Y) - Hold down to pull a carrot from the ground. You need to be close to a carrot.
  • Q - Eat 1 carrot to fart to push nearby opponents away from you.
  • W - Eat 2 carrots to spawn a "Carrot-on-a-Fork" totem that attracts opponents and gives you time to pull more carrots elsewhere on the map. The totem is spawned on your current position.


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